Eduards Burgelis

Janis Mucins

The Carnikavas Angling School

The Carnikavas Angling School was established on 17th Febrary 2015, and started by Eduards Burgelis and Janis Mucins, concerned residents of the borough of Carnikavas. It was licensed at the borough on 10th June 2015 (License No:2015/1).

The club aims to protect Latvia’s marine environments, in particular in the Vidzeme region, with particular concern for maintaining biodiversity and sustainability in the area. The hope is that it will also create a friendly environment for the development of fishing tourism and wider recognition of the sport itself.

The Carnikavas Angling School is a community project – its education project ‘Nature and Angling Sport’ is aimed at everyone but with specific emphasis on encouraging children and teenagers and those with disabilities and special needs to take part in angling as a sport. Together with Carnikava’s local borough sports centre, they have organized a competition called "ĀĶIS LŪPĀ" which will take place in the summer as part of the local Fisherman’s Day and Lamprey Day celebrations, as well as in the winter (January/February, depending on the weather) and CMS FEEDER OPEN. The aim of the competition is to encourage more people to take part in the sport, develop new skills and gain experience – both locally and nationally. Categories in the competition will include Best Feeder, Best Spinning and Best Under Ice angling.  Winners will be given a trophy and souvenir from the Carnikava borough.